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But together, we aren't so lonely anymore!

Be a part of our 2022 book!

In 2022, Lonely Conservationist aims to focus our efforts on normalising the feelings and experiences of younger conservationists, especially those in high school or their undergraduate degrees.

To do this, we want to create a book comprising letters of advice that conservationists have written to our younger selves. Whether it be our 5-year-old selves or our 15-year-old selves- our aim is to have our life lessons accessible to those who need to hear them.

To make this project inclusive of the wider community, this opportunity is currently not available to those who have previously had their writing published in a Lonely Conservationists book.

To be a part of this project, send your letter to jessie@lonelyconservationists.com in a word document, containing the following criteria:

1- Make sure you address the letter to yourself at a specific age. If you want to, feel free to send multiple letters to yourself (3 max) at different ages as they will be featured in ascending order

2- Write your letter so that it outlines a specific story or instance that has a beginning, middle and end

3- End your letter on a hopeful or positive note for your younger self’s future

4- Change any names of people or companies to avoid conflict

4- Make sure your letter is at a publishable standard, you have until Dec 31st 2021 to submit your letter so take your time! There is no word limit or constraints outside of those listed here.

Renuka Kulkarni will be copy-editing this book, and Daisy Buckle and Kimberly Hoffman will be illustrating the cover and internal pages of the book. All components of this book will be produced by the community.

Thanks for being a part of this project and I look forward to publishing your work with you!

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