Lonely Conservationists

But together, we aren't so lonely anymore!


This incredible community is aimed at supporting conservationists of ALL kinds. It’s a tough industry where many are taken for granted, used abused, bullied, undervalued, and all the passion in the world can only get you so far without support. Lonely Conservationists shares the stories of people all over the world trying to make a difference, offering support, community and more. Jessie, the founder, is putting her heart and soul into building a platform that is genuinely useful and full of compassion and awesome people. It’s made me realise that even if I’m not directly working in conservation right now, my actions still have an impact and I’m not a failure. We are all conservationists at heart, even if we are burned out, sick, or don’t have enough money to pursue it as much as we feel we should. Follow them on insta and check out their blog. You’ll feel less lonely!


Lonely Conservationists has been a revelation for me as an undergrad in my final year of an environmental science degree. It has sparked a real passion in me and has inspired me to want to do great things. With all of the submissions from fellow conservationists, it’s provided me with an insight and unbiased, un-glorified perspective of this work force, as it is generally perpetuated on social media to be something completely other than what it actually is. I love what this group has done for me, including able to network with like minded people and continue to be inspired by people wanting to save the world.


LC is an amazing community that has helped me by giving me support and new goals for my career in conservation. Many times is hard and the reward is just so little at times but seeing what other people are doing and living is amazingly inspirational.


LC has been such an amazing support system, Ive met a ton of great people in my field and learned so much. It really brings a sense of community to a career that can sometimes be very isolating and harsh.


Lonely Conservationists is the start of a revolution in the conservation industry. By connecting people who are often working in extremely difficult and isolated areas of the world, and allowing individual voices to be heard, Jessie, LC Founder, has created a community like no other. It not only inspires those who are working towards becoming conservationists, but supports those who are actively working in the field and those who have recently left, and shows us that we are never alone.

Many individuals in this field struggle with various mental illnesses as a result of trauma during field work, isolation, and the extremes that we are willing to face in order to pursue our passions, and Jessie is working hard not only to bring a “taboo” topic to light, but also to find a way to provide support and help others to find a way forward.


Lonely Conservationists has helped me because I’ve been able to connect with like-minded people in similar careers all over the globe. It’s good to see that there are others out there that care about the same things that I care about.


Lonely Conservationists has helped me get out of my shell and feel more confident. I feel like I’m a part of a family and have had the opportunity to meet people I would have otherwise never of done. I feel like I have support and friends all over the globe now.


Jessie has created a community that’s fundamentally different than others I’ve seen on Instagram. It’s not centred around a certain person and their experiences or a field. We are balanced and growing because we’re caring for each other. The community is the focus, goal and driver of the organisation and that makes everyone feel equal and that makes everyone feel equal. That’s not something I see often on this or any platform.

But honestly, Lonely Conservationists is a first of it’s kind thing that is indescribably perfect for everyone interested in science! Its not just for career scientists. You can be a high-schooler, teacher, hobbyist birder, photographer, hiker, lawyer, journalist or anything else and you’re equal amongst this perfect herd of nature nerds!

The only thing that can remotely be a theme for this community is a general interest in life and that makes for some amazing interactions between some awesome people! Help with resumes, identifying species, emotional support, science help, all provided by people just willing to help people in the same boat out!


If Lonely Conservationists has changed your life,  let us know!

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