The Scrappy fund


Did you know that all of Lonely Conservationists projects have been funded with small scraps of money?

From the royalties of our community produced book, The Secret Life of Conservationists, we would like to give you the opportunity fund your small but important tasks!

The Scrappy Fund is a sum of money produced by LC community projects that can be accessed by members of the community when they need a scrap of money to get small but important tasks done that will help them with their conservation impact,

To access a portion of the scrappy fund for yourself, all you have to do is:

  • Become a member of Lonely Conservationists
  • Send an email to telling us:
  • HOW much you need
  • WHAT it will be used for and
  • WHY this money will make a difference to your impact in conservation.

We will upload your submission to this page so that the community can vote on who gets the scraps! All entries will be anonymous and anyone in the world can apply at any time.

Voting deadlines are subject to change due to the nature of this account relying on book royalties. Stay tuned for details which will be announced on Instagram and Twitter for each voting period.