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How to Conserve Conservationists

How to Conserve Conservationists is an autobiographical journey through Jessie Panazzolo’s experience in founding a global community of budding and burnt out conservationists. Sharing her personal stories, research and observations, she shares some care instructions with the reader to help them look after the conservationists in their lives. A thought-provoking read about language, relationships and mental health and how these topics impact the people who conserve our natural world.

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The Secret Life of Conservationists

The Secret Life of Conservationists is a compilation of stories from members of the global online community, Lonely Conservationists.

On the heels of her autobiographical journey outlined in How to Conserve Conservationists, Jessie Panazzolo provides this book as a platform for other voices to add to the narrative of what it really means to be an advocate for wildlife and natural spaces.

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