How to Conserve Conservationists

How to Conserve Conservationists is an autobiographical journey through Jessie Panazzolo’s experience in founding a global community of budding and burnt out conservationists. Sharing her personal stories, research and observations, she shares some care instructions with the reader to help them look after the conservationists in their lives.

A thought-provoking read about language, relationships and mental health and how these topics impact the people who conserve our natural world.

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“‘How To Conserve Conservationists’ is a must-read. This fantastic little book can be summed up in one statement:
As conservationists we can feel alone in so many ways. Being surrounded by people but feeling cripplingly lonely because none of them understands your career. When you know how broken your industry is, that it’s not okay to work for free for years, it’s not okay to never be able to plan or have savings, it’s almost impossible to explain to people outside of the sector why you keep going.

Jessie puts her experiences out there, with all the vulnerability that comes with talking about mental health and the low points, self-doubt and struggles we have to endure. What she’s done with the lonely conservationist movement, this book, the accompanying podcasts and the blogs is amazing. Reading this book won’t guarantee you a job, it won’t solve all your problems and it isn’t a how-to guide. This book is a comforting hug. It’s someone who understands what you’re going through, telling you that you’re doing a good job, despite what others say.

Jessie is fighting for the changes needed in our industry. She’s relatable, inspirational and one of us. I’m proud to be part of her growing community.

– Jamie Sneddon (Field biologist and ecologist)