Jessie Panazzolo

Founder of Lonely Conservationists

Sometimes people call me “THE Lonely Conservationist” which I think is hilarious because once upon a time that was probably true, but now, this community is chock full of Lonely Conservationists and its definitely not just me anymore!

If you have never scrolled down to see the very first and very cringe blog on this website, let me introduce myself. My name is Jessie and in 2019, I accidentally created this community of thousands of global conservationists because I was frustrated with my career being full of more sadness and angst than I originally anticipated.

When I am not lovingly cherishing this community or writing books with them, I don the hat of a sustainability educator and facilitator. In my down time I go outside and take glamour shots of birds, they are all naturals.

If you’d like me to speak at your conference or school, please get in touch!

These are topics I love speaking about:

  • How to Conserve Conservationists
  • Valuing Volunteers: How to do it and why it’s so important
  • My journey to becoming a conservationist, and tips for new conservationists who are just starting out
  • Any topic covered in my books or podcast