LC code of conduct

To ensure a safe and welcoming community for all Lonely Conservationists, we as individuals and a community as a whole align with the following code of conduct.

Who we are 

Everyone in this community is equal no matter what our profession, experience or background- we are all human. Our uniqueness and our individuality are celebrated for what it is and we all have a valuable role to play in this community.

What we stand for

Lonely Conservationists come together over our shared belief that conservationists deserve to feel valued, respected and looked after in the conservation industry. We work together to combat impostor syndrome, burnout and isolation to promote collaboration, empathy and authentic storytelling.

What we share

Lonely Conservationists use this platform to discuss our own feelings and experiences within the conservation industry. Although we are conservationists, the focus of our discussion is not on our work but on our journeys. As an uplifting and supportive community, we pride ourselves on empowering those beside us and creating a strong network of global conservationists.

Mental health

Lonely Conservationists promotes mental health awareness for conservationists, but we as individuals are not qualified to issue mental health aid or advice. If you or anyone you know needs professional help or advice, please seek help from a qualified practitioner.

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