Tell your story

Oh hi! Hello there and welcome to the interactive segment of this blog!

Many of us have been lonely in the conservation industry before, facing hardships like social and geographical isolation, natural disasters or burnout. Everyone has a story, and by telling it we are able to normalise these feelings and come together to help each other through these troubling times.

Firstly, there are no parameters! Just be you and tell your story. Use as many words as you need and take your time. As you can see from the published blogs- no two are the same.

Secondly, you might find that telling your story is hard or emotional. It’s okay. It was for a lot of us too, but it can also be cathartic and a process that is good for reflecting and seeing how far you have come. If you need some help getting your story out- check out the story prompts for some assistance.

Submit your story and a photo of yourself to go alongside it to and your story will be featured on the Blog and Instagram page.

Also, just a note for those of you with impostor syndrome (don’t worry- we are all guilty of this!), blogs can be authored by any type of conservationists from mothers educating their children about sustainability, to students or even lawyers who take keep cups to work and recycle paper in their office. There is no elitism here and ANY kind of conservationist is valued on this platform. If you do anything, literally anything, to better our natural world you should consider yourself a conservationist!

I look forward to reading and sharing your story soon!